Must-Have Artist Gift Guide 2022

The holiday season is upon us! I have a NEW list of awesome products that made the cut for my Artist Gift Guide for 2022!

If you’re anything like me, you probably already have more art supplies than you could possibly use in a lifetime. Is it really so bad to surround yourself with things that bring you joy though? Whether you are looking for something to add to your wish list or buying for the artist in your life, look no further than my Artist Gift Guide! These suggestions are tailored more specifically to coloured pencil and mixed media artists, but there is something on the list for almost every creative person out there!

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Derwent Inktense

Derwent Inktense has fast become one of my favourite water-soluble pencils and was a no-brainer for one of my Artist Gift Guide picks. I’ve recently been experimenting more with water-soluble pencils and there are few if any products that can beat the incredible vibrancy and saturation that this product has. On top of that, the pencils function great for adding details and textures in their dry form.

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Caran D’Ache Aquarelle Palette

Before purchasing this product I was using scrap pieces of paper to apply pigment, dissolve it with water and then apply it to my painting/drawing. While this method worked it was incredibly wasteful. This textured palette by Caran D’Ache was created specifically for use with water-soluble pencils and can be used over and over again! Pro Tip: (Courtesy of one of my fantastic blog readers, Max) When the palette becomes too stained you can use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser or equivalent product to help remove any staining.

Prismacolor Premier Sharpener

I’ve been using this product for quite a few years now and it’s still one my my favourite handheld sharpeners. It’s reasonably priced and features an ergonomic shape and a flip-top lid to keep any stray shavings from escaping. It also features two holes for a blunter and a more sharp point. Oddly enough I like using mine with my Polychromos pencils as opposed to Prismacolor but I’ve used it on most brands with success.

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Strathmore Mixed Media Toned Paper

I absolutely adore this paper. The regular and toned versions of this are awesome to work on and hold many different mediums alone or mixed together incredibly well. I use all versions of this paper regularly for demo drawings and paintings. Choose from white, black, tone tan, toned grey, and toned blue in a variety of sized and sketchbook options.

Princeton Velvet Touch Paint Brushes

These synthetic hair brushes are great for oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolour. The hairs don’t fall out and they are expertly constructed. Painting with these brushes is a dream. They are available in sets and in open stock.

Faber-Castell Kneadable Art Eraser

This is a must-have item in every artist’s toolbox. These dustless erasers are great for travel because there is no debris left behind when erasing. By simply kneading the eraser you can get rid of any pigment or graphite transferred onto it. I love using this eraser to clean up areas I want to remain white on my drawings.

Faber-Castell Clic & Go Water Cup

Once again another long-time and well-loved product that I’m happy to recommend on my artist gift guide this year. This reusable and portable water cup is super durable. It’s easy to take with you in a bag or pencil case as it collapses onto itself to take up less room. I’ve had mine for many years and it has stood the test of many opens and closes. I love the ridges at the top which at first appear decorative but are actually meant for giving you a place to rest your brush as it dries or simply to just keep it clean until you are ready to pick it up again.

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General Pencil – The Master’s Brush Cleaner & Preserver

We have all forgotten a paintbrush or two and let the paint dry in the hair. Perhaps we just didn’t get a good enough clean after the last session. This brush cleaner works brilliantly to not only clean brushes you thought might be damaged forever and preserve the ones you currently have.

Drawing Animal Portraits In Coloured Pencil – Lisa Ann Watkins

I absolutely adore the work that Lisa Ann Watkins has done in this book. If you are a beginner coloured pencil artist this book will walk you through all of the basics with detailed photos and explanations that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you’re more experience, you’ll still find a lot of value in this book as Lisa shows you step-by-step how to tackle some of the most challenging textures in animal portraiture.

Meeden 9-Well Studio Porcelain Palette

Reusable painting palettes are not only a better alternative for the environment but over time will save you money as well. The porcelain surface allows for quick cleanups as well. This surface works great for less waste when working with traditional watercolour and gouache paints.

Do you have a favourite product you can’t live without? Share with me in the comments!

Barb Sotiropoulos

Barb Sotiropoulos

I’m a Canadian artist and designer specializing in coloured pencil and mixed media. When I’m not creating art, I love helping other artists by sharing tips and tricks that have helped me. You can find me on all of my social channels @barbsotiart or check out my past Q&A articles for COLORED PENCIL Magazine or my co-hosting appearances on the Sharpened Artist Colored Pencil Podcast.

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I’m a Canadian artist and designer specializing in coloured pencil and mixed media. When I’m not creating art, I love helping other artists by sharing tips and tricks that have helped me. You can find me on all of my social channels @barbsotiart or check out my past Q&A articles for COLORED PENCIL Magazine or my co-hosting appearances on the Sharpened Artist Colored Pencil Podcast.

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