Printable Colour Charts

If you’re anything like me you love making colour charts for your coloured pencil collections. Making them can be tedious and time consuming and maybe that’s stopped you from making them at all. I have great news for you! I’ve made them for you, all you have to do is colour them in!

These charts help you quickly reference the colour you’re looking for, have the lightfast ratings for each, as well as the colour names and numbers. I’ve also included all the hues available in each line so you can fill in the ones you have and see which ones you still need to complete your set!

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Available Charts

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Customer Testimonials

“These are AWESOME!!! I highly recommend. I have bought the Popular Brand 5-Pack and was happy to find I already had the pad of the paper Barb recommended for printing these out on. Such a great resource! I know from past experience that there’s so much work to make color tables on your own so I am thrilled to be able to buy these plus these ones look so professional. I started filling these out last night. Not only a great resource but a great learning experience. Very interesting to see the subtleties of the colours and range of each. It’s also a great practice for control of pencil lay down to get a smooth transition. So interesting. My OCD side is having a blast 🤣 Thanks again Barb!”

Brenda M. – Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada

“THANK YOU Barb!!!!!!!  I bought the 5 pack.  This is just fantastic.  So much thought, effort, organization (my OCD has kicked in), AND you are willing to share…MAHALO NUI LOA!🌴💕”

Diana O. – Maui, Hawaii, USA

“I love the presentation and all the explanations at the beginning and the additional resources at the end. Thanks! You saved us a lot of time doing that.”

Debora A. – La Paz, Bolivia

Do you have a particular pencil line you would like to see a chart for?
Send me a message below and I’ll add it to my list!