Photo Guidelines

When providing reference photos to me for your artwork, there are a few things that help make the process go smoother. Not every photo is ideal to create artwork from. Below you’ll find some key points to help you select your photo.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s very important that you must hold the copyright
or have permission to use the photo from the photographer.

Digital Format

All photos must be provided in digital format and in the original or largest size possible. This is important for me to be able to see the details necessary to create an accurate drawing. High resolution scans also work.

Permission to be used as drawing reference

For legal reasons it’s important that you either took the photo you are providing yourself or have explicit permission from the person who did, to allow me to use the photo to create your artwork.

Clear Detail

Photos taken from too far away and at low resolution, or with motion blur are difficult to work from because the lack crisp detail. This leaves too much guesswork, and could impact the accuracy of your artwork.

True Colours

Are the colours of the hair and eyes of the subject true to life? Has the photo been filtered or tinted in some way? If this is part of the creative choice we’ve decided upon then we can proceed. If not, photos that have colours that are true to your subject, will help with accuracy and realism.

Good Lighting

Subjects that are too dimly lit or brightly lit also lack detail. I can do some editing in Photoshop to recover some details lost to poor lighting but it’s ideal if the photos do not require much adjusting.

Need Help Deciding?

Sometimes you’re not sure which photo you want to use for your artwork. By gathering a selection of photos of your subject, I’m happy to help you make the best selection for your project. Contact me below.

Let’s create some beautiful art together.