Commission Process

Hello! Having custom artwork in your home can really bring a room to life. I love collaboration and will work with you in detail before pencil or paint ever hits the canvas to make sure we have a clear vision of what your request is and what the final piece will look like. The information below details my guidelines for commissioned artwork.

Commissions Currently Closed

Step 1

Choose a Size

I offer a range of sizes and prices as a starting point for your project.

Additional elements like backgrounds, added people, pets or full body portraits, taxes, as well as shipping and handling, are all subject to additional costs. Custom sizes are available but may have exceptions if they are oversized.

I’m currently offering commissioned art ONLY in Canada and The United States.

Email me:

Step 2

Select Your Photo

When providing photos for me to work from, it must be as large as possible, clear, and in digital format to provide the best amount of detail for me to work from. You must also hold the copyright or have permission to use the photo from the photographer.

See my Photo Guidelines for how to choose an ideal photo. If you need help deciding on a photo I can help you with that process as well.

Email me:

Step 3

Contact Me for a Custom Project Quote

After the initial project proposal email and photos have been provided, a detailed price and concept quote will be emailed back to you within 3-5 business days along with an estimated completion date.

The time in which I can complete your project will depend on the time of year and the number of other projects booked in my schedule. I will try my best to accommodate any special request (e.g. for a birthday).

Step 4


A  non-refundable 50% deposit is required on all projects prior to the beginning of work on the piece. This deposit covers the time and materials for the project. Final payment is due before the artwork is shipped or delivered. My preferred methods of payment are PayPal or e-transfers.

I am now accepting credit card payments through Stripe as well.

Please read my terms and conditions for more details.

Step 5

Progress & Revisions

The primary mediums that I work in which are colored pencil and ink, are not very forgiving. Therefore, revisions at late stages or at the completion of the project are next to impossible without compromising the quality of the finish of your piece or completely starting over. 

For this reason, I like to get approval of your artwork in stages.

Please let me know ahead of time if your project is for a surprise gift so that I can avoid posting on social media during the process of your piece.

Step 6

Project Completion

When I have completed your artwork I will email you a full scanned version for you to approve. At this stage, I may be able to make limited minor adjustments to your piece. When final approval is given, I will require your final payment as outlined in your quote and then prepare your artwork for shipping.

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