Below are some of my favourite tools that I love to use or just make my life WAY easier!

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Canvas Lamp with Wooden Base by CANVAS

After various DIY, shaky or awkward tripod set ups, I finally found a product that takes the difficult and guesswork out of my overhead filming adventures. This lamp and tripod combo twists, turns and moves in every possible direction easily and effortlessly. It comes easy to set up right out of the box and the wood lamp base comes in various options to suit your decor. There is also a desk clamp attachment if you have less desk space to sacrifice.

Visit their website to learn more about their product and to see all the available colour options.

Print Products by MOO

MOO is my absolute go-to for my printed products like business cards and post cards for my business. The UK-based online print company offers high quality paper options and specialty finishes. Best of all, you can order small quantities and they offer an option called Printfinity which allows you to print different images on one side of say a postcard, at no extra cost. Check out the selection by ordering a free sample pack.

Get 20% off your first order

Creative Cloud Suite of Products by ADOBE

As a graphic designer and artist I use Adobe products on a daily basis. Photoshop for example is a powerful program that I edit all of my photos and artwork for print and web in. Illustrator and InDesign help me create the ebooks and documents that I share and sell, and Adobe Fresco is my new favourite program for creating editing my preliminary line drawings.

Visit their website to learn more and to sign up for Creative Cloud

Tools and Business Management by HONEYBOOK

Honeybook has all the tools a modern creative professional needs! Proposals, Contracts, Payments, and more. Their online systems helps me book clients and stay organized. You can start a free trial of the full program or access some of their free features like an email signature creator and invoice generator.

Get Honeybook for 25% off

Read More about how I use Honeybook Here

Photos, Vectors and Video by ADOBE STOCK

Many free photo sites exist and are a great resource, but sometimes it feels like EVERYONE is using them. This can make your over all brand and online presence feel generic and unoriginal. Adobe Stock offers great plans and a huge selection of high quality assets that will help your, blog, website or branding feel more customized.

Try Adobe Stock FREE for 30 days and get 10 free Standard assets

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