Every now and again, life sails us into a storm. Despite our best efforts to keep our ship on a clear and safe path, sometimes the current is too strong. We have to surrender to the pull and do our best to come out on the other side as intact as possible.

In the last few months, I’ve found myself in a storm that I wasn’t anticipating but also in some ways I knew was coming. Though I’d like to keep the details private, I can share that it required a big life shift for me that included moving into a new home and beginning the process of rebuilding my life.

With every new challenge, however, there’s also a creative opportunity. Unfortunately, I have had to focus on my personal life for the last little while at the expense of my regular posting activities, but I’m slowly making my way back. My passion for art and writing hasn’t died but as those of you who regularly read my blog know, I’m a firm believer that taking a short break or hiatus can actually be beneficial to your creativity. Content for the sake of content if the quality isn’t there isn’ t effort well spent.

Art for me has always been an incredibly effective way of dealing with my emotions and anxieties. The work that we create from places of pain and strong emotions are often our best because it allows us to tap into a different aspect of ourselves that creates art out of a need to express and work through something rather than just aesthetics. It becomes an extension of ourselves in a way that people who are also feeling those emotions tend to connect with in a deeper way.

Heading into this new chapter in my life, I’m looking at this new challenge as a creative opportunity to create art that is meaningful to me and hopefully also to others. As artists, we have the ability to leave our mark on this world through our work. While the path I’m on right now is my own, creating work that resonates with others going through their own difficult journey would be a welcome side effect to the storm.

I appreciate your patience in my absence, and I’m excited to share where my work and career evolves with you going forward into the unknown.

5 thoughts on “WHERE THE BLOG HAVE I BEEN?

  1. susan lankford says:

    I pray that you can dance in the rain. Life changes are more than just pushing the reset button, but may you find joy in the “adventure.: Grace and Peace to you

  2. TammiePainter says:

    Life has a pesky way of interfering with our creative plans, but it’s good that you’re also seeing the challenge as an opportunity. Nothing’s more daunting than feeling like things are setbacks. Best of luck, stay tough, and all that :))

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