Time For My Facelift!

Hey there!

The time has come for my facelift!.. well not me personally, but my website of course. I’m hoping it will be less painful than an actual facelift but since I’m not a web design expert I’m going to leave myself a little room for error. If you don’t know what I’m rambling about, I mentioned in a previous post that I’m going to be updating the look of my website in hopes of giving you all a better user experience when visiting my website. My site will be going down on the evening of December 28th (which is tomorrow). My goal is to be back up and running on or before January 2nd, 2017 so please bear with me as I transition over to the new format.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and I can’t wait to share more artwork and adventures with you this coming year! Thank you so much to those of you who read my blog posts and support me on a regular basis. It really means the world to me. There’s an endless sea of artists out there on the interwebs so I appreciate the time you have taken to read what I have to say and appreciate my artwork.

See you again very soon!

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