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Hey Everyone!
If you’re going to be in Edmonton for Art Walk or between July 7th to August 23rd, you can see my painting Audrey in person!

I submitted the 12″x12” acrylic on canvas work as part of the The Big, Big Portrait Show being held by The Paint Spot’s Naess Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta. Come support me and the over 100 incredible artists who have work in the show!

About the Painting:
Sometimes, certain ideas for a painting just hit you. In this case, I had an idea to draw Audrey Hepburn surrounded by roses and in a monochromatic Tiffany’s colour scheme. The idea wouldn’t leave me. I started with a sketch just to get it out of my head, but the nagging inside me to paint it wouldn’t go away. Why paint Audrey Hepburn you ask? The answer for me is simple. In a time when we seem to be increasingly putting more and more importance and idol worship on celebrities, it can be hard to find one as classy, elegant, iconic and compassionate as her.

Though she is most well know for her acting career, beauty and for being a fashion icon, she was also a great humanitarian and served as a Goodwill Ambassador  for UNICEF from 1988 until her death in 1993. She was so much more in her lifetime than the superficial things. This painting is my tribute to a woman who embodied true beauty so deeply within.

Audrey Hepburn sadly died from Cancer in January of 1993. This disease continues to affect so many people, including my family directly my father’s death in 2008. As part of my own personal mission to give and put more positivity into the world, I will be donating the majority of my proceeds from the sale of the original painting and prints to the Canadian Cancer society. Prints will only be available until September 30th 2016. After this time they will not be available again.

If you want to buy a print you can do so on my Society6 site
For those inquiring, the original piece has been sold.

For More on Audrey Hepburn:

The Paint Spot/ Naess Gallery:
Naess Gallery
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