Studio Update

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a really busy past month! Where did August go?! Where did the Summer go?! Did anyone actually get an actual Summer because I feel like the official new season here is now called “Rain Storms” instead of Summer? Anyway, the plus side to all of that rain, was that I got quite a bit done in my studio. I’m still struggling to understand how I once fit everything in my previous space because it seems like twice as much now. It’s been a great opportunity though to go through everything and organize it a bit better which in my world is a good thing. If only I had more hours in the day to organize things…*sigh*

The room is definitely still a bit of a work in progress but I think I finally got it to a point where there aren’t boxes everywhere. I framed and put up a few pieces that I have had for a while including my degree and an awesome Tara McPherson print I got from my sister a few years ago. I like to have my space full of things I find interesting or inspiring. Another poster I have had for a while courtesy of Fair Goods that says “Make Something Beautiful Every Day” finally has a place on the wall. I love the sentiment of it and have been waiting for the right space to hang it in. To me, this is more than just about making beautiful art, it’s about making something beautiful in your life every day in general.

In case you’re wondering, no I don’t have 2 computers. One of them belongs to my boyfriend who has his “10% space” as he likes to call it. I mean, he’s not wrong because I’m kind of dominating the space, but he knew what he signed up for haha! 😉 I think at some point I’m going to still invest in a better chair or maybe even a stability ball. My goal long-term is to replace some of my current desks and furniture with items that have sit/stand options. Word on the street is that sitting is the new smoking so we artists have to do what we can to be mindful of that.

Without further adieu here are some photos of my new studio space!
barbsotiart_blog_sept new studio image 2How do you like to decorate your studio space? Share with me in the comments below!

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