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Hey Everyone,
I have some beyond exciting new to share with you today. Back in July, I was approached by Sally Robertson from Colored Pencil Magazine about being the new contributor for the Q&A portion of the magazine. Being a huge fan, I was completely flattered and of course said yes! I’m really honored and am looking forward to contributing to the colored pencil community and sharing advice from my experiences. This platform is going to give me an opportunity to expand upon what I’ve been doing here with my blog and reach a broader audience which I am so excited to do! I’m so happy to be part of the team and hope I can do my part to continue to spread the word about this awesome medium!

That being said, I will continue to post great content here, but it will differ from what I’m writing for the magazine. My first Q&A is the updated and expanded upon version of my blog post on how to organize your photo reference catalog. There will be new advice and content included in the magazine version so be sure to check out that out if you enjoyed my original blog post. If you have a question you can send it to If your question hasn’t been previously covered in the magazine you could potentially* have it answered by me in an issue!


You can read my contributions by purchasing the magazine through this link:

About the Magazine:
Colored Pencil Magazine was founded by Sally Robertson and made its debut in January of 2011. The magazine received a warm reception from artists who are fans of this medium that is steadily growing in popularity. Internationally read and subscribed to, the magazine now boasts tens of thousands of followers and has become and an active and highly supportive member of the colored pencil artist community. They feature some of the most well-known names in the medium as well as those who will most likely become your idols of tomorrow. Articles consist of step-by-step tutorials, business tips and art advice submitted by members of the community. With top of the line brand sponsors and supporters, they surely will continue to receive the popularity and praise they deserve. If you are looking for inspiration as a passionate colored pencil artist, look no further than Colored Pencil Magazine.

 *all questions are subject to approval by the editor of Colored Pencil Magazine

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