Patreon Exclusive Tutorial Preview

Hey Everyone!
I strongly believe in helping other artists improve their artwork. Often it’s one simple bit of advice becomes a game-changer for someone. Having benefited from the advice of others myself, I feel like it only makes sense to pay that forward.

I’ve recently updated my Patreon tiers to offer more to my paying subscribers. If you aren’t familiar, Patreon is a great way for people to support their favorite creators on an ongoing basis for a monthly fee with exclusive rewards in return.

Your subscription means, that I will not only be able to continue creating this valuable content but also that I can increase the overall quality. Investing in better equipment to film and edit the videos will make things much for time-efficient on my end and increase the production value and potential quantity of videos for you. It’s a win-win for everyone!

KARMA CHAMELEON $1 per month
No strings attached, you just love what I do and want to do your part to keep this ship sailing! Sending good Karma your way.

DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ $3 per month
You want to be supportive but you also have bills to pay. I totally hear you, friend. This tier gives you the option of supporting my projects, but also getting a little something in return. See my finished artworks a day before anyone else and get exclusive behind the scenes content.

EYE OF THE TIGER $5 per month
You’re super into 80’s rock references and want more bang for your buck. (You don’t have to be into 80’s rock references, but we’re basically already best friends if you are.) This tier includes ALL THE BENEFITS of tiers one and two but you also get in-depth process explanations and 1 Patreon exclusive tutorial a month.

As an added BONUS every January and June you will receive a postcard print of my artwork in the mail.

Check out this FREE Preview example of the type of tutorial videos you will get as part of your Eye of the Tiger subscription. 

I love sharing what I know with other passionate artists and hope that you will join me!
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