Barb Sotiropoulos

My Best of Q&A Book is Coming!

When I started writing for COLORED PENCIL Magazine in 2016, I would have been happy if it had lasted even a couple months nevermind almost 4 years! Fast forward to now and I have a new book coming out that is a “Best of” collection of the articles I’ve written for the magazine in that time.

The book is a 72-page softcover and features some of my favorite tips, techniques, and advice along with full-page versions of my artwork. I’m really excited about this and if you’ve been delaying signing up for the monthly magazine, this is a great way to get some of those articles now all in one book! I’m really proud of the work that I’ve done over the years for these articles and I highly recommend this as a gift for yourself or an artist in your life. Each one contains information that I feel is really valuable for any artist not just those specializing in colored pencil.

On a personal note, starting this blog wasn’t about being a published writer one day. I did it because I loved writing about art, and thought that maybe other people might be interested in what I had to say about it too. I didn’t think anyone was even reading it at one point nevermind the Editor of a magazine I was a big fan of. I’m very grateful to Sally Robertson, Editor in Chief of COLORED PENCIL Magazine, for the opportunity and platform she has given me along with the many other amazing things that have come my way since because of it. This book is a wonderful collection of the work I’ve done at the magazine as well as a milestone I had hoped to achieve in my career. My deepest thanks go out to those who have already purchased the book and to those who are planning to in the future!

If you still need more convincing  😉 the book is also on a pre-order sale right now for a special price until December 1st. Head over to the COLORED PENCIL Magazine shop to get your copy now!

Thanks everyone!!

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