Everyone comes across a point in their creative journey where they feel stuck. For me, it was right around when I decided to go to art school. I knew I loved art but I struggled to find people around me that could help me push my abilities to the next level with honest and informed feedback.

One of the most valuable experiences my post-secondary education gave me was access to professional critiques from my instructors. I would almost single-handedly attribute those experiences to being a big key to my success as an artist. That said, not everyone has thousands of dollars to enroll in art school, nor is that realistic for many other reasons for a lot of people.

Free advice settings like Facebook groups can be beneficial but can also feel too generalized. Often it leaves those looking for constructive, detailed, and tailored feedback wanting more. They want someone who knows them, their art, and their struggles. Most of all they don’t necessarily want a committee of strangers reviewing their work. This can often lead some to not post at all which means they never get the help they desire.


* I’m currently offering an email-based exchange process for most of my mentoring services. Video calls can be arranged on an as-needed basis however booking times are currently limited.

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After successfully helping a number of friends privately with improving their artwork and businesses through personalized feedback and instruction, I decided to start offering my services publically as well. My extensive experience in the professional world of graphic design has also given me many years of experience with giving and receiving feedback outside of my college critique experiences. I have a strong knowledge base of design, social media marketing, and trends and know the power of using this to grow your online presence as an artist.






Discovery and exploration of what inspires you and motivates you to create. Not sure? We can brainstorm together and find your thing!


Working together to create your blueprint for success. Whether you’re improving your technical skills, pushing yourself creatively, or improving your overall business presence, we will come up with a path that makes sense for you.


With a solid plan in place, you take the tools and strategies I have shared with you and focus on applying them to YOUR art and business.


“Barb is very approachable and encouraging. She listened to my ideas and brought up new things for me to think about and she was able to draw from her personal experiences to give some very valuable and fresh perspectives. The mentoring meeting was professional and she followed up with additional resources when we were done. It was time and money well spent for me.”

-BRENT K. PaintwithPencil.com

“Working with Barb has been a dream. Opening up my own business was overwhelming enough, never mind trying to navigate designing a website, coming up with a logo and running the social media side of a business. I didn’t know where to begin. Barb came up with a plan of action that made executing that side of things a breeze. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and helped me put the plan I motion. She is very professional and I would highly recommend working with Barb, you won’t be disappointed!”


“Back in October 2019 I decided to start my own business designing and creating customized cake toppers. I told Barb my idea and she was very supportive since the beginning. I had never used social media as a business before and I felt very overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start to promote my new business. Barb not only took her time to explain how social media works, she also helped me set up my first business Instagram account, connect with people and advertise my brand new shop. I am so grateful for Barb! Thanks to all her help I was able to grow my business, selling more than 300 cake toppers!”


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