I am a Canadian artist and graphic designer based out of Calgary, Alberta creating coloured pencil and mixed media illustrations. Attracted to the beauty in details, I love the process of studying my subject matter and discovering an element that is often overlooked. The relationship between nature and humankind found in mythology and symbolism is a lifelong fascination of mine and is a theme that I am exploring within my current body of work. Using vibrant colour applications and a focus on detail, I love to create works that walk the line between illustration and realism. Whether it’s through the emerging medium of coloured pencil or various mixed mediums, I relish the process of rendering details and the essence of why symbolic relationships exist.

I am currently the monthly Q & A columnist for the United States based COLORED PENCIL Magazine and a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. My work has also won awards and received recognition in national and international publications.




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