I’m a Canadian artist and graphic designer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada specializing in colored pencil and mixed media illustrations. After earning my Bachelor of Design Degree in 2009 from the Alberta College of Art and Design, I pursued a career in graphic design while continuing to be a part-time artist. In 2015, I started working almost exclusively in colored pencil and started a blog to chronicle my experiences with the medium as well as reviews and advice for other artists. Though familiar with the colored pencil medium from childhood, I wanted to help spread the word on what was possible with this incredibly diverse medium on an advanced scale.

In 2016, I joined COLORED PENCIL Magazine as the monthly Q & A columnist with a desire to share what I have learned with other artists like myself. My goal was to bring informative content to artists that are in all stages of the artistic journeys in a way that was tangible and interesting. Since then, I have participated in showcases as one of a few colored pencil artists, won awards for my work in the medium and appeared multiple times as a guest host and featured artist on the Sharpened Artist Colored Pencil Podcast. 

In my artwork, I am attracted to the beauty in details. I love the process of studying my subject matter and discovering an element that is often overlooked. The relationship between nature and humankind found in mythology and symbolism is a lifelong fascination of mine and is a theme that I am exploring within my body of work. Using vibrant color applications and a focus on detail, I create work that walks the line between illustration and realism. Whether it’s through the medium of colored pencil or various mixed mediums, I relish the process of rendering details and the essence of why symbolic relationships exist.

I am currently a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.




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