Etsy, Here I Come!

Hey Everyone!

I have some exciting news to share with you. After a great deal of research, surveys and hard work, I have finally opened my Etsy shop! The marketplace there is full of so many fantastic artisans, makers, and artists and I hope to be able to reach my current and a new audience in a more personal way.

See Prices in Your Home Country’s Currency
This is a great step forward for me because it means I can finally offer Canadian prices to my customers here in Canada for prints of my work. I know many of you have been thinking, “You’re Canadian, why am I buying prints of your work in US Dollars?” Unfortunately, this is because there haven’t been great options for print-on-demand services that will list in currencies other than US Dollars. I will still be keeping my Society6 and Fine Art America shops open for now, but will most likely be changing the direction of them over time or closing them entirely.

If you live outside of the US or Canada this benefits you as well, because you will see the prices in your home country’s currency as well. At the present moment, I’m not shipping outside of Canada and the US but that will be available in the very near future, so stay tuned. Another bonus for my Canadian customers is that shipping is currently FREE on all the prints in the shop.

Personalized Experience
Unlike the print-on-demand services available, I’m running the entire shop. From maintaining the listings on the page to printing and shipping, you’re looking at a one-woman show here! Aside from the extra work that entails on my part, it also allows me to provide a more personal experience to my customers. One of the most common responses in the surveys I held, was that people liked dealing with the artist directly and having extra personal touches added into their order. Because I am in control over the whole process, you’ll actually feel like you’re getting your print from me personally, as opposed to a faceless company.

Payment Options to Purchase Originals
This feature isn’t set up yet in my shop but will be shortly as well. For those of you who have wanted to buy originals from me, and wanted multiple payment options this will now be available. Understanding that original art is a luxury expense, this will allow you to make the purchase in whatever payment method suits you best.

I’m really excited about this new journey and I hope you are too!
My shop name is BarbSotiArt and you can find me by following the link in my shop tab or this link here:

Stop by, have a look around and don’t forget to favorite my shop! 🙂


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