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Colored Pencil Magazine Challenge Recognition

Hey Everyone!

As some of you know, I completed all 12 months of the 2015 Colored Pencil Magazine Monthly Challenge last year. I’m thrilled to announce that not only did I receive a free one year digital subscription to the magazine for completing all the challenges, but I also got a small feature in this month’s issue along with the other artists who completed all of the challenges! Congrats to all of those wonderful artists, some of which I am happy to call friends. 🙂

I really can’t say enough positive things about the Coloured Pencil Magazine staff and the community that participates in the challenges. I started the challenges as a way to give myself projects to improve my skills in the medium and have gotten so much more from it in return. They are so supportive of the artists in the community and are very engaged with everyone on social media. Even so this magazine is based in The United States, I feel like I am an acknowledged and valued part of this community, and that in itself is awesome!

My feature thumbnail is from my entry for “Story Time” from the February 2015 Challenge. For more of my entry’s from that year’s challenge, see my Flickr album HERE.

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