Canada 150 Series

This series was created in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday as a country. The way that we represent ourselves, our land, our character, and ideals through the meaning we assign to animals and nature is a fascination of mine. In my desire to learn more about the great country that I live in and to challenge myself creatively, I researched why certain animals or plants were chosen to represent each province and territory and the historical significance that often accompanied it.

The illustrations combine each respective province or territory’s symbols including wildlife, flowers, trees, and landscape elements. The title of each piece also reflects the official motto. If an official motto had not been available then a saying that was commonly used in reference to the region was used instead. The drawings were designed to cohesively weave all of the elements together within a singular image. The addition of a wisp of ellipses through each piece represents the people and cultural diversity that is present across each province and territory and that unifies us as one.

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