Thank you for your interest in becoming a beta-tester for my products. Below are some answers to some of the questions you may have about the process.

See answers to some common questions below

Will I be required to pay an ongoing fee to be a beta tester?

There are no ongoing monthly or yearly fees to participate.

You are under no obligation to participate in each project sent your way, although obviously your feedback will be greatly valued and contribute to the success of the program. Products will be sent to you based on your responses to the application survey. 

As mentioned in the initial signup page, some products will be free previews and others will be available for specially discounted prices.

So for example, you may be presented to test a course that will sell for $99 and have the option to try it for something like $20. There is no mandatory requirement that you participate you just have the option of trying the course for a discounted rate and then providing feedback.

Will I need to purchase additional software or items to become a beta tester?

You will not need to install any software to take any of my courses or review any of my products. I will be using a third-party online platform to host my courses which you will need to create a free account to access.

Because I don’t own or operate the third-party course platform, I can’t control if their site goes down or if part of the site doesn’t work correctly. I can of course submit a ticket to them if that happens and I’m made aware of it. I don’t anticipate any issues arising with this as they are very reliable and their customer service is excellent.

It will be your responsibility to make sure you are creating a secure password for your account to prevent unauthorized access. 

If you choose to take a course that requires art supplies or software (like Photoshop) to complete the course those costs will not be covered by the beta-testing program.

You are responsible for paying for your own computer and internet while testing the products.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

The contract is meant as a means of protecting both of our interests in this project. It is a templated contract for beta testers and covers all of the aspects that would typically fall under beta-testing a product, service, or software.

Most of the sections covered in the contract are meant to apply to worst-case scenarios. Ideally, these situations should hopefully never arise. I am, however, running a business and have learned that having a contract in place is a good best practice.

I also want to make sure that participants are taking the program seriously and understand that I value both our time and the intellectual property that you are gaining exclusive access to either for free or at a discounted rate.

What if I change my mind?

No problem! Participating is completely voluntary. If you choose to not want to be a beta tester anymore, please send me an email at and I will remove your name and email from the list of testers.

If you have already purchased a course to beta-test at a reduced rate you will not lose access to that course unless you close your account on the hosting platform.

Why isn’t everything I’m testing free?

It is not uncommon to be asked to pay a reduced price to access content like a course. I value getting feedback from my potential students, but this is also a voluntary process. I have no issues being transparent and you are not being forced to participate in anything you don’t want to.

Any payments collected from reduced-price courses go towards administrative costs like platform hosting fees and improvements to the courses like creating additional video elements. As a small business owner, I am not able to offer everything completely free at this stage.

The courses or products available to be tested are still packed with value and I believe that people tend to value things more when they have paid something for them. You are not obligated to participate in testing courses that may have a reduced price associated with them.

Once you have signed up for a course, for example, you will always have access to that course unless you close your account on the course hosting platform. With that said, as a beta tester, you are getting in on the ground floor of these products at a very reduced rate. It also means that you will potentially benefit from any upgrades made to that course along the way that add more value to it than what the course was originally evaluated at.

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