STAEDTLER Packaging Project

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with STAEDTLER on a project, that up until recently, I wasn’t allowed to share with anyone. It was hard keeping this one a bit of secret since it was basically fulfilling a career goal of mine, but nevertheless, I kept my lips sealed! Fast forward through many months and an on-going pandemic later and I finally was able to get a sample of one of the two package illustrations I created for a set of 24 colored pencils!

I have previously done some product testing with the company, so I was definitely delighted when they contacted me about the project. I love that they use artists to not only test the products for feedback but also use their artwork for the package covers. I think this is a great way to show an aspiring artist and customer what is possible to create with their product.
Staedtler toucan colored pencil packagingThe process for this project was much more like a commercial illustration job than it was a regular commission. For those of you interested in a detailed account of my process on this project in terms of the business end of things as well as the technical part,  you can read all about it as one of my Patreon subscribers. I also had the chance to talk about it a bit when I recently joined host John Middick of the Sharpened Artist Coloured Pencil Podcast, to talk about licensing your artwork. You can listen to that episode HERE.
The project required that I create two illustrations for two sets of 24 colors of colored pencils. The imagery was directed by the client and I was required to use the colors that would be available in each set. I ended up using the Strathmore Colored Pencil paper for the drawings as well which was outside of my normal preference would have been. In the test swatches I did beforehand this was the paper that I found paired best with these specific pencils.

These packages were only available in select store locations in Canada only, and I’m not totally sure how many were made. I’m still on the hunt for the astronaut packaging and am hoping the company will be able to locate some for me if I can’t find them myself first.

Honestly,  it’s really just so awesome to even have even been involved in a project like this and for a company with such a long-standing reputation as STAEDTLER. I’m hoping to be able to work with them more in the future, so who knows what opportunities may present themselves then. This was a valuable experience either way and I’m so happy I can finally share it with all of you!

To find out more about STAEDTLER and their products visit here:

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