2020 is in Focus

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a chance to rest over the holidays. I for one got my real first vacation in almost a year and it was glorious! Taking time to rest and recharge is critical for everyone, not just small business owners who still have full-time jobs!

This past year had a huge amount of personal change for me and with that re-learning what that meant for my daily routine and work/life balance. You can read more about that in my blog post WHERE THE BLOG HAVE I BEEN? Amidst this transition time, I opted to cut back on some of the things I was doing more regularly for my business, which included the amount I was posting on this blog. Going into 2020 with a renewed focus and clarity on what I want to do with my business and artwork going forward, you will be once again seeing more from me here!

I had some amazing career highlights this year, which included having my first full book published through COLORED PENCIL Magazine. The book contains a curated selection of the Q&A articles I wrote over the past almost 4 years at the magazine along with full-page versions of some of my artwork! It’s always been amazing to see my work in print but this 72-page book is truly next level and a wonderful homage to the work I have been doing at the magazine.
To get your copy in print or digital visit: https://www.coloredpencilmag.com/product/qabook

I also created some of what I feel like is my best work in this past year. I wanted to pour more emotion into what I was creating and as a result, I was able to create work I’m extremely proud of and have gotten some of the best responses on from all of you.

Also out now is the COLORED PENCIL 2020 Look Book! I’m so happy to be included amongst all of these amazing international artists. As an added bonus it’s FREE to download! Get your copy by visiting: www.coloredpencilmag.com/2020LookBook.pdf

The first directory of colored pencil artists, gathered from all over the world. Enjoy browsing some of their best work, read their statements, then visit their website to learn more about them and their art. Be sure to let them know you found them in the 2020 Look Book!

Once again I’ve set some goals for myself this year and I’m looking forward to some exciting projects and even more creative exploration this year. I’ll be sharing some of that in future posts with you, but until then have a wonderful weekend and an even better 2020!

How are you staying focused this year? Share with me in the comments!

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