Artist Feature – Alex Louisa

Happy Monday Everyone!
From time to time I like to share work from artist that I admire and that inspire me to keep pushing my own art and improving my technical skills. This month’s Artist Inspiration post is about Brisbane, Australia based artist Alex Louisa. I discovered her work through an art assistant on Instagram and fell in love. I aspire to have the quality of work that she does one day. Her subject matter is primarily animals and nature with a particular focus on birds. Most of her work is mixed media with various drawing materials or oil paints. Her skill with Pan Pastels is admirable and her works in that medium nothing short of beautiful.

One of the things I particularly admire about her work is her solution for backgrounds. Sometimes she uses flat geometric shapes that are stark contrast to her realistically rendered subject matter. The juxtaposition somehow just works so well, and adds a playful dynamic to the piece. In other pieces, she uses an abstract wash of paint which once again provides an interesting element of movement and fluidity in an otherwise tightly rendered piece.

Here are some of my favorite examples of her work:

Left to Right:

The Colors In The White Oil and acrylic on wood.
Waiting For Blue
Oil and acrylic on wood.
Cicada Elipse 
2014. 60x60cm (24×24″) Oil and Acrylic on wood.

Left to Right:

Brown Honeyeater on Turquoise 2013. 40x50cm Acrylic, Pastel and Charcoal on Board.
Hush No.3 2013. 50x70cm PanPastel on Pastelmat.
Hush No.2 2013. 50x70cm PanPastel on Pastelmat.
Hush 2013. 50x70cm PanPastel on Pastelmat

For more information on this artist you can find her at her website:
or on Facebook at
or on Instagram @alexlouisa_

Please Note: All of the images used in this post belong to Alex Louisa and are only being used as a means for me to show her amazing artwork. 

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